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Join us at Beechwood Cemetery, home of the CSIS National Memorial Cemetery for a night of Cold War Espionage and the FBI’s longest open espionage case.

Thirty-two years after former NSA employee (and NSA spy) Robert Lipka sold vital military secrets to the KGB, Retired Supervisory Special Agent John Whiteside was able to gather the evidence that finally exposed the betrayal. In Spies in the Cemetery – FBI edition, John will review his investigation of the longest open espionage case every brought before the U.S. courts.

Tickets are $50 and can be purchased here: https://beechwoodottawa.ca/en/product/spies-in-the-cemetery.

Serving 30 years with the FBI, Retired Supervisory Special Agent John Whiteside received from Director of the CIA George Tenet the National Intelligence Certificate of Distinction. Mr. Whiteside has authored two books, Fool’s Mate and Cypress Shade, which provide further details about his career with the Bureau.

Beechwood Cemetery Foundation and the Pillar Society are proud to present an evening of Cold War history and counter-espionage.

A reception will follow the talk and both books will be available for purchase at $20 each.

All funds raised will be used to enhance the CSIS National Memorial Cemetery.

For more information, contact Nicolas at nmccarthy@beechwoodottawa.ca or call (613) 696-0112.


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